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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Detailed Beauty

Its a beautiful life out there. In each being.

I recently or say quite a while back started to use Photoshop CS6 and Camera RAW 7.0. It is indeed awesome to use!
More controls on the exposure with the new sliders for 'Black' and 'White' really helped me. Besides its my first time using, so 'Clarity' is quite nice to use to bring up the details. I tried playing around with the photograph I took before sitting for SPM in school.

Here it is: 

I like that effect though. Then soon came the Christmas season. We were glad to have the special team of youths from Singapore Riverlife Church to join us for our Youth's Christmas Celebration. Other than Christmas celebration it self we went to an old folk's home. Singing Carols and witnessing to them was great.
One very beautiful thing that captivated my senses was that of a teenage girl and an old lady.   
How beautiful it was to see them chatting by and having fun. The kind of loneliness in their eyes was transformed into joy the moment a young person walks up and have a good chat with them. The longing and filling up of a kind of loneliness I suppose? 

Yet things changed just like that the moment it was said that we had to leave.

Fast forward a little, I did with some of my friends took the chance to re-visit them for a short while during Chinese New Year though. 
Though not much time spent but the sight of someone coming to visit them is but full of joy to them.

Am going to KL for a few days. 

And below a shot I took during a Birthday cum Chinese New Year makan at my friend's place.

The warmth and peace in the arms of an elder brother.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Time and again.

SPM, Holidays, road trip, trials, so on, so forth has been ongoing. Thus the absence.

I do have a lot in mind.
Occupy them here soon ;)
For the moment just some photos.
Haha :P


You see places

You stroll around

You eat

And wonder, why am I much fortunate to look at people who slog so hard just to make the place feasible for the general's eye? 

It is a blessing though. In everything.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nothing and thicked skinned.

Yeap you can see it, our school's Interact Club doing an outside Community Service Project at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah. We painted the Psychiatrict Ward or better known as Wad 1.

 We practically never painted before and had no experience at all. But well we decided to take the plunge and tada!

Not bad eh :P
Well that's all for now :)

100 is too few compared to 10 with passion.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Of Rotary.

Was rather busy this whole day as I was at

and guess what

For the first time I have my name written like that haha.
I feel honoured :P haha

That's all for now. There will be a painting mural session at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah's Hospital tomorrow morning organised by our Interact Club of St. Andrew's Secondary. :) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How can a tree grow without it's roots?

One of the Old Boys Association member of St. Andrew's Secondary who lives in the same lane as me once told me what Bro. Robert told him last time, "When you're on top never forget your roots".
Sadly, due to many factors, the St. Andrew's Primary School is loosing in numbers with only 13 enrolment in Std. 1 for the following year.
They used to have morning and afternoon sessions with 2 classes for each standard mainly 'Biru' and 'Merah' during my time. I heard there was even 'Kuning' before me.
But the numbers has since gone down and now all 6 classes can fit in the morning and there is more than enough classrooms.
A really significant drop in numbers.
There are a lot of successful people out there and I do notice that among the successful people mostly are or those who stand out were from mission schools.
And truth to be told even in Secondary Schools I noticed that most of the boys(well because mine is a 100% guys school) who were once from St. Andrew's Primary are the once who dominate the 'outstanding' students in terms or co-curricular activity and also academic.
Those nurtured in St. Andrew's Primary has somehow better inter-personal skills and better capabilities in a sense that they are able to communicate and lead well. At the same time they do possess better thinking skills rather than just memorising. Furthermore, these students are almost 100% good and well mannered due to our strict yet kind and wonderful teachers. It is very different from those i observed from other schools. The difference can be felt the moment one enters a secondary school when all kinds of students combine together.
I must confess too that we have very good teachers over in primary St. Andrew's.
Well I do not imply that only good students come out from St. Andrew's and other schools are bad, there is a balance everywhere. But then again, I hold to my stand that in this district I strongly believe we're one top primary school in Muar. Ask those who has sent their kids to St. Andrew's Primary or been here. :)
Some of us may be on top looking for good schools for our children but have we forgotten the root that nurtured us? Do we not want the same for our kids?

Well that's on primary school for which I felt sad looking at its current state or enrolment. Its infrastructure, though old have been very much improved seriously. You can always go over and take a look :) I do encourage and hope that the primary school will keep on living as the teacher's there too have not loose their passion to nurture new successful citizens. Sent your kids over! :P

Oh just a short note on St. Andrew's Secondary ;)

We got 1st! in the 3rd Category :) 


Friday, June 1, 2012

Alma Matter

It's been a long time, I know.
With great power comes great responsibility, while power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Haha the latter is not true for me ok?
I must confess I'm actually quite busy and blogging seems to be nowhere in the busy list.
Well I came over here just to post some photos of my Alma Matter Building that is going to be demolished in a matter of days.
Its the block A, so those of you from St. Andrew's Secondary do come over and have your last few view before the building gets demolished.
Since Facebook has some 'Security Check Required" which i have not passed and don't know how to pass it, I had to come over and upload to, at least let people know, that the treasured building will be replaced by a newly build building soon.
So here are some pictures :)
I'll post the rest on Facebook once I'm able to pass through 'Security Check'.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ok ! And We went Chiang Mai Zoo

Well we saw pandas and that was practically the main attraction 

Thai Silk I bought a tie :D 

Then it was on the 24th Night on Christmas eve we had carolling ! :D

Last house served lasagna :D

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year :D

Schools starting on Wednesday but i have to go starting tomorrow due to my new workload in school :(

Anyways its my last year here !

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