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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sceneries and How it started...

Here's how i started, a few months back my dad got a new hobby.. and that was making videos.... soon He realised that.. hmm.. he needs a videocam... and that was when He bought a Sony Handycam... It's the HDR XR-520.. At first we kinda looked for a HD quality Handycam... coz my dad's vid's were mainly HD's la...
and then we stumbled upon this HDR 520.. In our surprise we noticed that it comes with a 12 Megapixel Still Image! At that time i was like  whoa!!! 12 mega ?? and comes with HD vid! and and another thing was it has a 240GB Hard disk space bigger than my dad's laptop hard disk space! haha.. and yea.. at last we bought it... Not long after that.. i realised that Nickholas has a DSLR! and i liked the shutter sound!!!
That time it was like... Wah.. so shiok Chic Chic Chic..
haha... Not long after that due to certain purposes i got a 500D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOT!!
haha... well and that was how it started... =)


Alamak! My lens spoild......................
ok.. find this is not mine.. but my friends.... Tamron 70-300 T.T

It seems i've got to wait 3 weeks... according to the guy.......
haiz..... T.T

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi and Welcome~

A very Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who read this during this festive moment
I'm Edmund
I'm currently studying and im just ** years old. =) (guess!)
Well, i like photography and am currently learning.  Hmm... I kinda get my tips and tricks from


Do check them out!

Guess thats all abt me for now..More to later!

Oh! Oh! one more thing!! i have a flickr account... go check it out at hah.. a few pics only la over there.. i got to wait...till next month to be able to upload...haha

Here's some for appetizer!

Oh ya.. and this guy on top! is my only friend who owns a DSLR! haha
He was kinda the one who inspired me to want to get a DSLR...
HE owns a 1000D and me i own a 500D !
Well.. After taking pictures and all for quite some time I do realise there are people who doesnt like taking pictures too...
I still remember some would pretend they are wiping their face or something just to not get their picture taken...haha

Some would love their pics being taken... and would love to post for it...all the time..... and some are ever ready!

Well all in all Happy Chinese New Year~!

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