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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interact Club of Muar District

Just a few days ago, the Interact Clubs of Muar had the 11th Joint World Understanding Day. In which the 5 schools included were HSM, SAS, SABGS, SMC and SMSM.
It was a very succesful one thanks to our Organising Chairman and fellow organising committee.
Yea.. i know the picture coour is bad... very very bad... I'm gonna get my external flash real soon k ? and also.. learn to shoot RAW and get my setting right... =)
It was on for  2 days in which on the 26th of March was the preparation day. And on the 27 was the exhibition and 28 the closing ceremony.
It was very tiring... just imagine how many of us stay up very late at night to complete our works and all...
It was like never ending from the day we started...
But as soon as it ended the next day i woke up and went to school... i felt so light that i thought i could fly!
Just imagine the burden and all. furthermore as a group leader where you have to manage your members with different cool personalities.....

and also decoration presentation..... etc etc etc..
Its not easy.. but all in all it went well =)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


And at last the 11th Joint World Understanding has finally come to an end... any idea how tired we are ?
And guess what my acer computer died... using the old one..ARGH!
what on earth...
SO the pics will come later.... but will try to do some here.. See ya!~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christmas 09'

Here are some of the pics i took... during last Christmas... we carolled at Wetex Parade =)
On the Christmas Tree
Only at Wetex PArade! Oh ya in Muar they just Open a new Sushi King outlet!


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok.. so who is this guy ?
He is Willie !
Lol... its really a random post isn't it ?
Well still go pic wat right ? =)) haha

Isn't he cute ?..
hahaha  =)
One of my models ??
We'll see....

Friday, March 19, 2010


Well this was my first photoshoot with Nick... We didn't really have anything in mind.. but just to go take pic of sceneries...At Tanjung... near the golf club...
Yes! I play Golf!

Taken at the abandone swimming pool
Used Nick's Tamron 70-300mm Tele Macro..

To the monkeys place!

More to come!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Haha... fancy wishing myself happy birthday here..haha
Well yesterday was my birthday.. the 18 of March..
Received a lot of wishes.. telling me to enjoy my day.. and all...haha
Well as a matter of fact I didn't have any celebration..
Woke up around 10 something in the morning... After that in the afternoon I went to my Friends
house to continue with my project and finish it!!! YEA! i Finished!!!!
At night.. just came online.. and reply messages on fb... and all..
Haha.... well a 'wonderful' birthday i must say... haha.. but nvm..
Now am busy with my WU slideshow..... Wondering which and what pics to put in...
Taken this during one of my wedding photoshoot... =)

    On top of my church building... tee hee
Taken a day earlier before the HSBC Premier Night Dinner


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hmm I'm not sure abt you readers.. but for me... ever since i was small... when i was in my dad's car... we would always listen to the radio... and we always listen to this particular station....
This very station always play oldies...that are light and easy..
nice to listen..
Every single time when i go in the car
Every single time when we go travelling... We would listen to it..
and as times goes by.. they kinda changed a little bit... to the latest songs. I still remembered last time
when my sis was around 14 yrs old..
She would say that.. " you know i think we are the only ones listening to this channel.... all the old songs.. my friends are all listening to the new songs.."
And my dad replies " Why must you follow people ?"
(actually im not sure whether he said that but most of the time in other conditions he says that)
SO i kinda fall in love with oldies..
I know that my parents had this set of CD's of the 50's 60's 70's and 80's
I wold put it in the radio everyday when i was small and listen to it.. especially the 70's album...
And right now.. im listening to it! Sadly i can only find the 70's album..
haha..ITs been quite a long time since i last listened to it....
SO you must be wondering why the sudden oldies ?
Actually im doing my interact club project as our World Understanding day competition is coming up =)
Hmm more abt WU day ? i'll explain later...
Taken on the way back form Cameron Highlands

In front of the hotel!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Facial Wash, Toothpaste and Cleaning Agent ?

Huh?? don't get it ? You'll know soon..
You see i have 3 friends... in which when they come to a certain age they do stupid stuffs...haha

well not what they wanted but by accident.. I'm not sure why but maybe just maybe they studied to hard ? too much stress ? or maybe too much work... that helps them get PHD (permanent head damage)... haha ok fine its not that bad..
Ok so what actually happened ?
Hmm lets start with Facial Wash..
One of my friend.. came back from school... and wanted to wash his face.. using the facial wash ..
and Out of a sudden he realised that instead of washing his face he put it on his hair ?!?!?!?!
Haha LOL
ok not funny ?
nvm... then there is another guy....
who washed his face with toothpaste......=.="
Lastly there was another friend of mine...
whom in which they put the cleaning agent in the bathroom.. i mean to wash shirt and all.... but they put it at a seperate place between the washing body and clothes... so one day... some smart fellow.. changed the place of it... and this friend of mine.. wear specs.. in which when bathing he takes it of... he could not see anything and continued bathing and using the cleaning agent instead of the proper body wash soap and all...
what happened ?

p/s sry no pics..hehe

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yea! at last my lens are back... after lonnnnnnggggggggggggggg...................... are guess what i feel its so heavy and big.. i still remember that time after i detached my lens and used Nick's it was damn light.. now its damn heavy....haha.. and its gonna be heavier when i add on my external flashy ( wanna buy it!!! Soon soon hopefully ) and battery grip ? haha
so lets see the diff between these 2 lenses... =)
all are mine except 18-55...haha ok fine these are my camera equipment nia....T.T
i wanna get an external flash first... but... i've got no money... T.T anyone wanna sponsor me ? i wanna get the EX 580 =)))
Justa few days ago i went to Nick's house to borrow his lens mana tahu i realised he had a 580 in his hand ... he lent it from his friend.. and i was damn jealous !!! )#&)$#@&$
haha.. well hopefully i can get it as my birthday present ?? haha  =))))
well hopefully..... =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well I still have lots of photos during my holiday trip to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia last year.... here are a few more..
Water stream in the Golf Course
Just imagine how nice the weather was when we played in Cameron.. it was fantastic... Thank God there were no rain.. the weather was damn cooling.. just imagine on the mountain!
Why am i Blue ?
I'm the tallest!
Notice the 2 Buds at the side... looks like it can open up and eat some flies
I like this! =)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why is it that when the sky is nice I don't have my camera with me..

and when I have my camera with me... I'll be wondering what to take...

So after many times in which i missed the opportunity to take good nice photos.. i decided to bring my camera with me wherever i go.... =)
*You knw sometimes they say we should not leave our things in the car when we go somewhere.. like shopping malls and all.. so i guess its a good excuse too!*

back of someone's house...
taken during a trip somewhere....

Stiched photos in Cameron

Cameron's Golf Course....and a random =)
*click to enlarge

Cameron Highlands

Taken in Cameron Golf Course....=)

Beyond the skies~!

Reaching for something unreachable....

in a lost room ? or something far ?
is a journey so mysterious so difficult
that at the end
It's all well.....
Thus I believe that,
"Imperfect happenings molds a perfect Ending"
So why worry ??
Why do you say that your life is boring ?
Why don't you see the small little things that happen each day whether sad or happy ?
Do you sit down at the end of the day reminiscing the things that happen ?
Well i guess that's why people say its boring..
But did you missed out anything ?
Did you find something that made you out of place or stand out today ?

Think i believe you'll find something... even as a life of a student =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Guess what till this week I have not received my camera back....T.T Had to go for some events without camera but using my Handycam....T.T  i sent it in on the 18 of Febuary and last week... they told me they just received.. What happen to the shop that i sent to ??!?!?! And i need it by this Wednesday....... As htere will be a meeting with a special guest at Rotary....... T.T

Well here are some pics!

friend's cam... T.T i miss my lens....
without the lens.. i cant take anything... and it feels like prison ?
but after all.. smile=) coz...exams were around the corner....
but now my exams have finished!!!! ARGH!!!

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