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Friday, April 30, 2010

10.00 a.m

Hmmm..... still waiting for Mr. Vincent to come over to my house......haha
He's coming to play golf and to take a look at the place for photoshooting....
I can't wait to see his equips.... haha

Am kinda Jealous with my friend though...
He borrowed the 580 External Flash from his frined,
He is using a 1000D
and he bought a battery grip!
hahahah.. need to get one.. but no $$$
got to work hard and buy it... I wonder where he gets his money from..
when he buys so much but i dun really see him going for photoshoots....haha
I only have my 500D with my new hood...

Oh! He's here!

Nang It !

Hey if you noticed i have a nuffnang Add up there! go click it!!! pls......plsplsplsplsplspslpsls =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Around my house

Once again i walked around my house to grab some shots...=)
My new profile Pic!


T.O.U.R 2

This year once again the Malaysian Youth For Christ is organising TOUR 2.
TOUR stands for The One Ultimate Race.
and this is the second year they are having it.
It is a very interesting event and its like the amazing race.. in which we will be racing in KL this year with the theme Food Hunt!
Date: 15th June 2010 (Tue)
Time :11am-3pm
Venue: Central Market , K.L
you can get more infomation and watch the video by dropping by to TOUR 2

Go GO GO!!! hahaha

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was the photographer for my school's sports day... and currently im selling the pictures... there are a lot of orders... and i was thinking how to give the pictures to them whether should i give them in small plastic bags or envelopes. Thanks to my mom who thought of a eco-friendly and conventional way, she used her old smalll booklets, tore out the paper and folded it into envelope forms....
Ha! how creative is that!
minus the fact that you have to spent the whole afternoon folding sooooo many of it
But its worth it to save the Earth!
remember the 3R's
Reduce, Recycle, Reuse


Monday, April 26, 2010

I bouht a Hood!

Remember the last time when i said i wanna get a Hood for my Cammy... yea i've got it! Just Now!
NExt i need my External Flash.... =)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

W.U OC Celebration (1)

Yesterday night on the 25th of April 2010...(lol i sound so formal....) we had our 11th Joint World Understanding Day Organizing commitee celebration... at Xiang Recreation... (alamak forgot to take the signboard)
This shot was taken by my friend Gerald...=.=
Whats wrong  ?
Yes! This is what we ate only... thats all......
But its Barbecue right...... We don't eat that much after all.....
.......the waiting... we end up eating smoke!
How they love Barbeque...or maybe posing....
We invited a superstar that night to sing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance for us...
a duplicate version LOL
Evenso... we continued to BBQ...some were excited... some could not stand it... some acting cool ? argh..who cares when there's food....
hmm... soeaking of taht.. i once heard a speaker saying "Do you knw what or where is the weakkest point of a Malaysian ? or to put it easy... a time when they will say yes to all yr questions ? Its when they are eating... "
How true ? you decide! haha
some weren't so nice....
haha =)

Second part later k ?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Power of Photoshop...

Ahh.. at last my lightroom.. working well and forever!
Was playing with my photoshop.... and soon came into my mind doing something i wanted to do but nvr succeded so here it is... try spotting it!
that is the first copy
and below the next

Not the "Ed's " la.. look again...haha


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All mashed up!

I was reading the Star Newspaper yesterday and noticed a page with the headline "all mashed up"
It asked "What happens when you mash two movies together?" LOL
People used to mash lyrics in a song together.. and create different version to make it hillarious
This time the mash two movies...

Here are a few interesting ones i picked out not admiting the fact that i don;t really knw the other movies so i only choosed the ones i knw... teehee*

The Day after tommorrow never dies They mashed the movie "The day after tomorrow directed by Roland Emmerich" and "Tomorrow Never Dies from James Bond"
and the sypnosis was
-Hell freezes over after Agent 007 fails to score with the Bond Girl.


The Last Con Airbender
its from "The last Air bander" and "Con Air "
Sypnosis was
- Aang, the 12 year-old airbender, is an Avatar. He's basically the guy who can save the world from the Fire Nation's destructive conquering campaigns, but Aang's still got a lot of Avatar skills to learn
-In comes a convict and former soldier Cameron Poe, who takes it upon himself to teach the Avatar a few survival skills he learned in prison, one of which is to have a really bad hairdo.

And one recent movie they mashed up was
How to Train your Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
From the quite new show "How to train your dragon" and "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon:"
Sypnosis ?
- A weakly Viking boy unwittingly befriends a tiger and dragon instead of killing them as is tradition among the Vikings. People get suspicious when he starts to walk on bamboo leaves and carry around an exceptionally sharp green sword.

Haha..... quite humorous though.... If you knw all the stories la....haha


Monday, April 19, 2010


Just bought the Adobe Lightroom V2.4 ~~...

Still learning how to watermark....LOL

and guess what... I got too many pictures!!

I counted... Currently I have a total of 5463 Pictures! haha...Will be burning them into DVD's to save the space on my computer.. No doubt i have 500GB but it will soon finish... hahaha


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Badminton Competition

Taken this during our Church Youth badminton tournament
The shots inside was really... bad though...hehe....
After that we went and eat Bak Kut Teh...


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hari Kemahiran

Wasn't going there actually.... but for some reasons... I went..
Hari Kemahiran is actually a day in which uniform bodies from various school come together to compete in Marching, Orientaring and also Cooking Skills.
Wasn't the official photographer... but i grabbed a few shots... =)
Actually i was not suppose to go in... Why ? coz im wearing jeans....
THey said long pants... why jeans cannot ? O.o
well after that .. I didn't care...
With some help and inner contacts... I got in.. teehee*
Basically i took the marching one only...haha


Friday, April 16, 2010


You knw this music sign.. I drew it and highlighted it!!!!  No. there wasn't only one.. there was plenty !


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A walk

Few weeks ago.. i walked/cycled along my house street and captured a few shots...
SOme in fornt of my house... some infront of my neighbour's house....haha... 


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rain ?

Was suppose to post up this yesterday.. but im not sure why.. i cant upload the pics and my post was not saved  yesterday... I just cycled home.. Cycled out to pass photos and all....
So.. that day's sunset
i know the picture on top is very mosit.. but i like the glass thingy there... hehe
was suppose to try to make it look like it on top of a crown.. but.. kinda failed....


Monday, April 12, 2010

39 Degrees Celcius ?

Oh my... Early in the morning todya when i woke up... i felt the heat at 6.20a.m.!!!.. IT used to be very nice and cooling but now.. oh my.. And guess what it is so warm that its hot like for 24 hours! till there is  rain..

But hey guess what! becuase of that you can get nice Sunset shots! Finally got the setting right that day at Sabak Awor.. at least now you can see the round!
All taken around my house....
This was taken on the 11th of April ( the top one ler..)

This is taken today la.. on the 12th I like the slight shine of sun on the lower part of the 'buah qui ni'
There is a story behind this picture..
Actually this evening... my parents and I was cutting the grass... then... our neighbour who is not around had this 'buah qui ni' tree.. We saw lots of them on it.. and some ripen and dropped already.. It was just mouth watering...COuld not stand it.. So we went to the other neighbour get their key and went in the house to take it...
O.. it was delicious! Minus the fact that i have a sore throat and could not eat muchHold on... We are not stealing ok !
but it was nice...
MOre tommorrow... Got to sleep early...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sabak Awor sunset~

It was just now in the evening, after coming back from church music practice... we decided to go Muar Sabak Awor. We before we went, my dad suggested we go to Tanjung Emas first to take some video and pictures of sunset, but i declined... because i remembered the last time we went to Sabak Awor there is this tower that is around the height of a 3-storey building. So i thought maybe we could get some shots there...
Here are a few, (all taken in RAW)
my dad taking video...
Notice the love shape sihoutte ?


Sunsets very fast.... it takes around 10 minute or maybe less...
So capture it as soon as you get there! And don't forget to bring your camera


*p/s : kinda went to the wrong stall teehee*

Friday, April 9, 2010

Comp's Bac!

My computer is back.. and im confused coz i've got too many pictures....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok.. not much update.. not much pictures.... Well.. my computer is still in the shop.... sadly.. but its coming back soon!

Ok.. so here's some thing i wanna show you...
if you realise the camera lense.. some of them they have like a very big flowery or cap on top of the lens.. Its actually called a hood... I do not have one.. but i took 2 pictures from the same place.. to show you the difference.. I dun ahve a hood. so i use my hand to act as one.. =.=
This is without Hood

This is with Hood...

See the difference ?


Monday, April 5, 2010

MY very own Philosophy

To see honesty, you got to be honest.       -Edmund Foo-

P/s: ahhh... how nice it is to see one day this really comes out some where...... =)

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All pictures, stories and so on are from me, Edmund Foo, unless stated. Any elements of similarities with you readers life, is purely a coincidence. You may NOT take any of these pictures out or copy it elsewhere without my permission. If you really want it, please ask for my permission. =)
Thus, this writer/photographer accepts no responsibility if there are similar contents in real life.