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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TOUR 2!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ok ok... yea.. after we ate...

THe other bus from Muar arrived..  yes we sat 2 buses one went to Malacca to pick up the Malaccans first.. then we met them there..

and at the stop we stopped at... We noticed a landslide... I was actually on the bus already... and my friend told me
"Hey there is a landslide there.. go take a picutre and sent to the Star"
"ok... "
When i looked at it.
"I don't thing i can get anything aiya nevermind la take only.."


After we boarded the bus.. most was awake.. and some satrted cam-whoring

haha.. and finally we reached CENTRAL MARKET !!

Soon the race started... !

Clueless ? Turn yr head around la ! :P

And during the race... we meet all kinds of people or racers and marshalls.. here are a few..
Stylish and also a 'Secret Service" Agent to ensure our safety

ANd some... who could not find walls was smart to use their friends back
Some walking up and down... and couldn find the right place
Some marshalls including ME ! Forget all the routes... and you knw what we end up doing ?
While walking pass other marshalls.. I or most of us.. will call the other marshall go some where and ask
"Hey er... you knw ar now left how many tiangs ? after this go where ? i forget everything already leh... how ar ? you remember or not ? "
And their reply,
"actually right i also want to ask you the same question... im not sure la.. nevermindla just follow what is stated in the book ...and ownself count also... and jalan only la..."


                                                     More about it in another post ok ?

*All the things written are for entertainment purposes if you do feel hurt i am sorry for that. IF you want me to tkae down do email at my email. Thx =) i hope you enjoy it.

TOUR 2: Food Hunt

It was awesome !!!! Here is the promo video if you missed it Tour 2 : Food Hunt
and this is TOUR 1 =)
I wasn't the main photographer though.. i was a marshall.. but i sitll brought my camera.. to capture some shots...  =)
We, the muar side, had 38 people eh nono... 40 something..
Gathered as early as 6.15 a.m at the Bus station to go to KL on the 17th.. last holiday... =)
We'll we had to walk to the bus... T.T and no the picture on top here.. tat is not our bus... :(I
In the bus......
Well  some was fast asleep as soon as they got up the bus... but later i was told that.. they were in the midst of a school.. camp.. they came out go for this TOUR and later go back camping... haha Btw thx ya! for joining us ! You knw clearly who you are... ! =)
After an hour plus.. we stopped at one of the rest place and had breakfast...
I took Nasi Lemak... :P
And guess what.. the egg was 'basi'
nah the egg was behind the spoon i din't eat it.... but the rest ate happily though
COntinue later ya !

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kukup 7 and finale..

Lol bored looking at Kukup's photos ? worry not this is the last one... oh wait hrers one more panoramic one that one later...  So yea.. we were walking through the mangroove
and finally reached here !
The Southern Tip of Asia!!!!!!!!
WHOOTT!!! and guess what i was so excited i sms'ed my friend saying
 "Hey im at the southern tip of Asia !!! " after sending my mom looked at me and said..
"I think it is charged under international call that cost RM 2"
But Thank God la.. nope it wasn't..

Oowh~~ how how happy to be there... :)
Dunno  where is the southern tip ?
And yea... The Malacca Staits..

And that was my trip to Kukup during the holidays...


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kukup 6

Wah.. so many Kukup post still haven't finish... I am kinda not able to upload the panorama shot.. another post k?  And yeap we were on the way there !

My mom said it look like a lady...

And thats my sister the pink one... hahaha

and and and and... there were many many colourful crabs... this one was the most striking of them all !


Friday, June 25, 2010

Kukup (4)

Yea Taman Negara ~!
YEA ! im a lifelong learner.... except the fact that i dun really like memorising tonnes of history that maybe fake ?

O.o ?
We had to buy tickets to enter.... but there wasn't anyone to collect it after we bought.. i guess we could have just walked in ... teehee*

 We first went to the Jeti..

and on the way it was all mangroove la...
that above was actually something like a... er... er.. directional stuffs la.. tat shows how far is Geneva NEw York and so on...
And it was quite a long walk though... a few hundred meters
and speaking about not polluting and caring for mangrooves... what about this ? :P

More later ~!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kukup (3)

:P Ok...
We were at the Kelong right ?
yea... my lens was almost filled with the dogs saliva..... eww~~
Thank God i stood up fast...
after that we saw this er.. King crab if im not mistaken... or some kind of crab where its blood is blue in colour.. 
Then there's the star fish... which was er... looked actually like dead.... :)

Then there was sea urchin...

after that we left the Kelong ..
AFter that we went and eat.. at some restaurant... and after eating... the drivers had to board a van to take the car...
and Off ! we went to Tanjung Piai!

More to come later k ? I've got lots more... + TOUR 2 : FOOD HUNT which was awesome !!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kukup 2

 Ok.. the next morning we woke up... and after breakfast i decided to walk over to the right side... well with the purpose to try to find my friend Willie... who coincidentally had his holiday there with his family too...
I went with my freind.. and we were kinda searching which lane lads to the right side village or better known as the 'Air Masin' village..
at last we found Him !
after talking to him for a short while... we continued to walk to the end.. and noticed a few eye capturing things...
One of it was a school..
and of course the houses there.. were... well... much nicer... compared to my side of the village...
on the way too we saw fishing villages and temples..
At first it was very hot.. soon the sky became very dark and we got to rush back... but at least we finished till the end of the right side :)
IT was VERY DARK ! and upon reaching back.. it started raining.. phew Thank God we were just a few steps away...
Then it was raining...  raining...raining...raining... till at last.. it still din't stop... but we decided to come out... board the boat to the Kelong..

MOre next time .. =) 

*I've got to study ya knw !

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