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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quote corner ?

"It is not a matter of being alone, it is a matter of inner wisdom" thats what i quoted while sitting at the back of the class this morning to concentrate on my work. My friend came over and asked me, " Wah why so lonely sit here alone ?" I din't know what to reply though.. after some thoughts i came up with this quote... haha
Not bad eh ?
At last i sent in my ISOTOP pictures for hte competition..
Gosh.. i burned a BIG hole in mah pocket !
develope in 8R ?! GOSH !
Well.. true la.. so when they pick they will pick the picture that stands out... but kinda costly though..
unless you get prize la... hahaha
Anyway... dunno what i will get haha..
This coming Saturday i will be going to Bukit Gambang for my church's family camp..
after that im having 2 weeks holiday and 2 weeks of school and WALAH !
5 OCT PMR !!!
WHAT ?!?!?!
And i haven't even start to study...
gosh.. i think im gonna start now man.. i've got like... one month left...
I din relaly do well in trials though...
But thats the consequence of reading it 30 minutes before exam starts what right ?
Nope i Din't really burn the midnight oil..
i did it during the time when the others had chinese.. and i had my very free time.. rushing through chapter 1 from form 1 till the very last chapter in form 3
so PMR cannot play play ady... haha
talk so much reason so much.. but still im here HAHAHAHAHA
ok ok.. i got to go ady..
and and and
remember click on my NUFFNANG !!!!!!! thx ya !

Strive for the BEST ! (woops tat sounds familiar*grin*)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


You knw the other day i went tanjung to grab some shots..
I got the permission from this boy's parents to get a few shots of him..


Enjoy ~!


Typing out the letter for my vocational service project... haha
Oh below are ICSMC Installation Photos tat i took..
ICSMC = Interact Club of Sekolah Menengah Convent

At this installation i had a backup photographer from JB

It was nice to have two photographers... and there I could see the difference between the backup and the main.... Hmm I'll upload the rest later... 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Decision time

I'm finding it hard to pick the right photo to enter the ISOTOP competition...
I got to find something that is relevant to the theme and something that also potrays Muar...
thinking hard though.. .haha
Asking my mom to help... but GOSH! different people have different perspective...
How do i decide then ? Anyone Help ?


Yesterday i went to Tanjung to grab a few shots for my ISOTOP competition... decided to join though... :P
Grabbed a shot from my house first... =)

then I went to Tanjung... Took shots with sihoutte though... haha =)
Did you knw i got to lie down to take this shot ? and the cat din stop moving... dang !
National Geographic inspired me to do that !

Well thats all for now... And oh ya Uncle if you are reading this yr sons pic i willl post it up soon...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few more of ICHSM pics...

Woops ~!


Spare the rod and spoild the child......

...well not the rod but the broom for us...
Good thing the weather was good on that very, well lucky day...
Well one thing i must admit about my class students is that... we don't really do our duties according to the duty roaster.. that is to sweep the class, arrange the chairs bla..bla.. bla...
In fact none of us does ! (no la.. also now as the SPM boys having their trials... we are in another class ma...)
HAHA CRAP ! we dont even sweep if its our own class...
lol.. ok ok... not them me also.. ok me also..
So we have this teacher... who is well rather particular in cleanliness..
and he warned us before that if the class is not clean.. he will off the fan and let us sit in the very HOT class for the whole period...
Hmmm din seem tat bad though...
but we never get punished la.. till tat very lucky day...
My Sir went in the class... and offed the fan.... then he asked
"who is are the boys supposed to sweep the class today ? (whispers to the monitor "Dont tell them tell me only") The monitor wont tell any of you... Those who are in charge pls own up and do yr job now.."
Everyone looked at each other... What was on our minds ? NOTHING !
We din't knw who was in charge though.... :P
then everyone started to point here and there... all we know was the boys name starting with either 'C','D' or'E' were the ones...
Oops.. I'm Edmund... :P
I knew clearly that my job was NEVER to sweat the floor la.. HAHAHHA
So after a moment of finger war..
Sir said, "Ok.. since no one wants to own up.. all of you will have to go to the middle of the field and sit down there. Do you knw that you all are like rubbish in a rubbish dump ? Its so dirty and i wonder how you all can stand it... Now all go.. 2 by 2 to the field. All of you will sit there till the bell rings or if anyone confesses"
And at that moment i just remembers WE GOT 2 PERIODS that means ONE HOUR. Oh goodness...
We went there and all of us sat down.
And my friend cheekily replied " Sir, you see the weather is on our side."
With a cunning smile sir replied, " Not for long*grins*"
LOL... we sat there for like 15 minutes.. everyone started looking at us....
i mean students around the school... lol...
No face... HAHAHA
And what on earth ?!?!?! those 2 din confess yet eventhough by now they knew it...
So.. in the end the teacher came and ask..
and finally they confess la.. teacher called them to go get the broom and sweap..
While they were sweeping Sir called us to pick up grass on the field to give them as presents..
And at last finally... we went in...
well the reason i wrote it here not to discriminate or defame my class and my teachers..
In fact i feel that sometimes talking alone wont make a difference..
one must act to it or well punish for people to wake up..
Thus after tat incident.. everyday we clean the class...
(except the days when Sir doesn come in.. HAHA)
but still we learnt a valuable lesson though...


The story above is for entertainment purposes only anything that you might find offensive or you feel it is pointing towards you then its a coincidence. =)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

National Geographic

Well not to say i like geography but i really really love watching National Geographic on Astro and to read their magazine... that my teacher buys and puts it in the library once every... er.. uncountable months...
I like the Mythbuster part.. where currently i pray hard everytime for every tuesday night at  9 pm for Okto Channel from Singapore to have good reception... I don't understnad why ... of all channels Okto is always blur.... darn!
But one thing i really really really like abt national geographic is the AWESOME pictures they ahve there... I really admire the photographers on how they take and give it the WOW factor...
Well not all but most of it...
Ahhh how i wish i could watch national Geographic... haha
and tats not all... i would want to watch Air Crash INvestigations....
 er er... Crime Netowrk and Discovery!!!
But too bad.. i dont have Astro.. T.T
I can only watch it when i go to My granma's house in malacca or my UNlce's house in KL...
Well.... some people say its kinda weird for me not watching Cartoon Network or Disney Channel though...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Click Click!!

Look up see the nuffnang ad ? click click lcik !!! hahahah
kinda tired of writing here though... especially uploading pics here... its kinda slow...........

that was ICSMC pic.. haha upload the more later k?
Tonite going their celebration.. :P haha

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bringing to life

You know... after posting the earlier post on coconuts... I realised something
Something that struck my head
Can pictures bring something to life ?
Can something dull and flat be brought up ?
Can something we see everyday becomes an amazing picture ?
I believe its possible...
It happened a few days ago...
while trying to find a picture for my Project 365 (Not to say i miss most of the days )
I walk out of my compound and beside my drain..
I looked at the drain..
what can I do with this shot ?
I got down and took this shot..

(The picture aobve is original form the camera without any touch up.. only added my watermark.)
It was  well a typical scene a typical picture... that people see
Even would not want to take a picture of it.
With the 'wonderful' stench
I too thought to myself..
What on earth Did i take this shot.
but no harm trying eh ?
After that i processed the shot and i got this

Wow ?
I'm dumbfounded...

Well but i do realise even the most common shots... can bring out something...


Sunday, August 15, 2010


We had lots of coconut the other day~
Haha.. but by now right.. all finish ady... :P

Some Scenic shots
Mah drain... haha


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Haha ! Ok Ok.. my blog is like soooo dead for quite long....
HOnestly I don't really have the time to actually edit photos for my PAD project..
I have too much photos to process.
the other day was High School's Installation..
Here are a few photos =)
*im trying to look for a page where i can upload all easily for free unlimitedly*

Gaahhhh event my school installation doesnt have so many of those and these...

Lovely Invitation card i guess or souvenir.. Oops... hehe


The guy with the specs got the Most Funny Interactor Award !
HSM drama never fails to make me laugh..

Even their own BOD cant stand it !

Hahahaha... Well thats the end..
I've still got photos to process.. :P



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ooooh~~ tired tired.... finished Convent installation.. now i got toones of photos... and overdue photos... wont be taking any shoots till im  done processing all.... and tomolo tiral.. finish on TUesday... after tat... i be rushing abt all the photos... =)

having sore throat flu and having backache.. ish..
ad i cant stop sneasing... T.T

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hmmm.. din rely blogged these few days... kinda having trials...... had Sejarah and BM this morning.. Sejarah was kinda tough though... having the next paper on thursday... thus the Photoshop!! haha
I kinda decided to join DPS in the Photo 365 project..or the Photo A Day (PAD) project...Which actually means taking a picture each day...
I've edited some of ICHSM Installation pictures... Dont really have the time to upload it here...
Well this is one of my well first PAD picture ?

The orange plastice bag there kinda looked unrealistic though.... but... i like the shell part.. this was taken at the back of my house..

Well gtg... will be taking ICSMC Installation this sunday... and i was the photographer for my school magazine though... Pics coming up after my trial... =) Im still looking for a place to upload all the photos though other than Facebook.

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All pictures, stories and so on are from me, Edmund Foo, unless stated. Any elements of similarities with you readers life, is purely a coincidence. You may NOT take any of these pictures out or copy it elsewhere without my permission. If you really want it, please ask for my permission. =)
Thus, this writer/photographer accepts no responsibility if there are similar contents in real life.