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Monday, September 20, 2010


Won't be blogging that much or posting up photo's.. PMR is round the corner...
btw i shooted 2 weddings the last 2 days... i'll post the pics up later...
See you after PMR ~!
btw all the best for all UPSR students for tomorrow~~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time flies ?

Oh and soon school is gonna reopen and std 6 students are sitting for their UPSR and me ? GOSH ! PMR's COMIING!!!
Hehe ...
This morning my family and I went to Malacca...
My dad went for Golf... well.. i din't go la... not these few time till i finish my PMR
so i followed my mom and sis to Tesco and the new Jusco..
They walked around and shop..while poor me
Sitting at the Kopitiam doing my 8 Essays!
YES 8 !
and i din't rush through it though slowly do... and end up doing 2..
Honestly i dun really knw how to control my time for writing..
I mean if there is no time limit i would write till im tired..
or maybe ran out of idea..
I would go on elaborating bla bla bla bla
till some one stops me..
so that's y i wrote for qutie a loong time..
In the end i finished 2 and a quarter only..
and i dun have much time till holiday is over..
Saturday i have a wedding shoot
as a backup photographer...
then on Sunday im going to Hotel D99 for the ISOTOP Photo Judgement.. And at night i be going to malcaa for mah cousin's wedding.. Well ... not the photographer.. so i'll just go sneak some shots !
The last time i wnet to Malacca... i studied Sejarah.. din't really take photo though these time
I grabbed some shots though...

So Rajin eh~! =P =P

Haha... 2 and a quarter finished !
5 and three quarter's to go! 


Monday, September 13, 2010


Kinda feel lazy to upload or to w rite abt the Bukit Gambang one though... hehe
SO i'll just let the picture do the talking..
Well er.. The kids performed this at night..


Saturday, September 11, 2010


Ok... today's my mom's Birthday~!!!
and and and you knw what it means ??!!
And i can call anyone for how looooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg I like WAHAHAHHAHAHHA
ok.. so practically er..
i woke some freinds up early in the morning
You see i was suppose to sleep late today la..
But mana tahu.. my dad phoned back ( he was on the way to malacca to play golf)
and call my mom wake me up go tanjung take photo and video
Why coz for well the 2 nd time in these 2 yrs we have such THICK MIST
So.. my being a ... er... not really photography enthusiast
go out and grab some shots like i saw and have in mind like the ones on interenet in overseas..
by the time i reach there... around 8..
ok.. well the mist was left in the sea..
So i practically took some vid and started walking round tanjung..
Gosh.. i was carrying a tripod.. with a vid cam on it...
and holding my camera..
y ? coz i wont wanna miss any shot if i see a nice one..
But instead i called my frined and walked around..
So in the end what shot i grabbed ?



Haha.. ok.. well tats kinda all...
Gonna go celebrate me Mom's bday tonite ~!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Now who said the T-shirt was ugly ?



Before i start

SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to all my Muslim Friend's~!!

Taken by Nick... and i added a lil' fish eye effect though. if its actually fish eye la.. haha
nyway.. er.. uploading is kinda very very slow... so er... later ya!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bukit Gambang, Kuantan (3) ~!!

Now lets move on to the next day...
well there was actually prayer meeting at 7 a.m. but because earlier in that very same morning my mom and i went over to my couzzies room.
They too were staying there on the North wing when we were on the south wing.. =.="
so we went over there chit-chatted till it was around 12 la.. after walking back..... and then i bathed... it was well.. 12.45 ? only then i slept..
My mom woke up for the prayer meeting though..
i slept till abt 7.50 woke up get changed and off i went for breakfast at arond 8.10..
Din't take much pictures though..
Was indulging myself with my all time favourite HONEY STARS welll so to speak la all time favourite when my parents actually stopped buying it when i was er... 4 or 5 yrs old ? coz... they had to control my diet la... i mean too much also no good what right ?
So.. since then.. kinda forgot abt eating it la.. then IT CAME again and again whenever i go to for hotel breakfast buffets ! HAHA!
That's the only time i get to eat 'em
Well practically i din eat so little la..
after eat still wanna play.. :P
haha after that all of us started going in the whole again..
So after hearing attentively
We started to play games !
And that ! was the very first game.. It's like this..
they have to tie the rafia strings around the marker pen,,
and a group each has to hold the string and write the Camp Theme on the mahjong paper provided
Thus creating rather horrible writing..
The only rule to take note is that you canot hold too near to the marker pen la..
and after that...
was the second game!
Everyone was given the spaghetti strips and some sweets
THen they have to make use of it to build a tower
Hmm and well they did quite well
Can you see "Love ♥"??
Then that was the end of that morning...
After that we went for lunch and had the whole afternoon free..
AS i've said earlier my couzzies was there .. they brought us to Bukit Gambang Water Theme Park to play ~!!!
YAY!!! too bad la i din't bring ym camera there... coz its not waterproof..
It was really fun over there.. some of the youths over here too went..
There were lots of different rides...
The one i like most ?
Its the Razer Slide or something like tat la..
Gosh for the first time i sat on it.. i almost got a heart attack..
dunno how to explain it though.. there were just one thing i hate about all the rides is that
you got to walk a distant up hill to sit on the ride and within seconds you are down there already...
Well one thing i would like to comment on the theme park is about their Lifeguards.
You knw the lifeguards there really really gave me a sense of security and a sense of safety that i would not drown or fly off the track..
You can see them every corner standing by to save anyone at anytime!
and thereis this place the Coco Village or something like that..
they kinda create wave.. and everytime the wave comes you can see 2 lifeguards one on the left and another on the right standing up to standby..
they are really ready for you and they are everywhere..
So no worries you won't drown there !
Bravo to the lifeguards! *claps*
Well i guess that's all for now..
more later.. I've got to study and going for golf later.. alone... T.T


p/s: my uploading very slow...

Road Safety Campaign

and yes ! after that we were splitted into 2 groups on to Shell station and another one to Petronas station at Jalan Sulaiman.

Well i was actually suppose to run to 2 places but in the end.. due to lack of drivers so i had to stay put la...
I was at Petronas with my fellow interactors..

As soon as we got there we waited for cars.. and when they reached we jumped in at stick the stickers
We also gave out leaflets...

We pasted even on buses

We had i dunno how many hundred or thousands of it.. till some was so tired they just sat down there
ANd some were romantic...

HAha,,, but all in all... we did give out most of the stickers
But there is one valuable lesson that i believe all of us interactors learnt
is that being a SALESMAN is NOT EASY !
You knw how many people turned down the offer ?
And one reason was because they thought that they have to pay for it..
Soon enough i realise the trick is to have 2 keywords
and it was
"Untuk Encik"
"For you"
So being a typical Malaysian that well sometimes maybe includes me..
Soon we almost finished all of it.. and well well
I could say the interactors really enjoyed it !

Haha.. actually got one more photo.. but i've got to go already..
See ya ~!
Next would be the Kuantan one.. Night!


Rotary Road Safety Campaign

Yesterday a few interactors from each schoool participated in the Muar Rotary Club Road Safety Campaign joining with the PDRM

Well i wasn't really the main photographer.. just got there participated and well grabbed a few shots..
You knw this campaign gives us the realisation about how wonderful malaysians ar...

Hmm till here first ok ? I've got to go get ready to go to the driving range..
I'll update later.. and also the camp one... heheh
Won't have much time already though..
PMR coming up.. need da' study..
see ya !


Monday, September 6, 2010


Ok... Bukit Gambang again.. haha..
You knw.. this time .. we had 3 photographers over there !

er... not this 3 actually...
I din really get we 3 photographers pic la.. only the camera's.. hehe
This Year's Camp theme was

Well as soon as i or we reached..
We checked in... and this is the only usable shot i got of the hotel room.... HAHAHA  
after that i settled down and had a cup of tea.. i knw this composition doesn really bring anything out..
Ok.. fine.. i dunno wat to write already...

Damn happy guy LOL

ANd this is our Camp Commandent Dn. Lam Tong

HE briefed us.. and later we went for our dinner..
I din take much during makan time though..
Was quite hungry,,, hehe...
i knw there was lamb but it was kinda tough...

Talking about food.. since i din take any pictures of the following dinner .. let me tell it here
the next dinner had lamb, mutton and beef... ahh~~ i ate all the meat with very little rice..
at the lamb section while the person was cutting the lamb,
I told the guy..
"Yesterday's lamb was kinda tough eh "
He replied,
" Semalam punya kambing dari kampong hari ini kambing dari bandar"
LOL ?!
i answered
"Bandar ada kambing ke ? "
they smiled and said, "eh kenapa tak ade ?"

Wat ya think ? got or not ? 

And yea on top that picture..
He is Ps. Richard Rajoo.. our camp speaker..
Got to go!
Gonna go for lunch and after that following Rotary for the Road Safety Project..
See ya !


I'm back from the Church camp and it was FUN ~!
The Theme Park the play place.. and and and the PAINTBALL~!!! ok la.. its my first time trying paint ball you see... so ... hah very excited la... .
But actually ar.. er..
I din really play la.. just bought 20 pellets for freaking RM 10 and shoot at some targets before we left for muar today...
Anyway.. it started from laaaaast saturday morning at around 10.45 a.m

So.... we boarded and left very punctual... at 11..
It was a 4 hour ride all the way to Kuantan..
We used the Segamat-Kuantan Highway..
and good thing i 'thinked correctly' to bring this book with me. =)
At last i read it FINISH ~!!!
Halfway through the journey we stopped at Segamat to have lunch..
My mom and I din't follow the rest and we went to anohter shop to eat 'chap fan'
After that we continued our journey... and half way.. one aunty told me ...
"That was the place Mr. Wee's accident occur"
I wanted to see it but it was too fast...
well i got nothing to say only
"It's God's Will"

We continued...

Oops.. this is the waterpark not the Hotel... hehe
You knw.. to walk from the hotel to this waterpark is actually kinda very very far
you see its 'Bukit" in english its Hill
so yea its on the other side of the hill...
Long walk though..
but rest assured there is the tramp to sit in wich i did not sit..
i'll write till here for now.. gtg process the other photos already..
Do stay tuned !


Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye ~!!

Hey hey hey.. Won't be around for 3 days.. I be going for my Church Camp at Bukit Gambang, Kuantan.
Going in a while more...
See ya ~!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Humble Beginnings...

HAHAHAHHAA.. My friend got this shot of me loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago..

it was taken with my friends handphone la.. haha
You knw... tat time when i was using that er.. shinny thingy.. before i bought my 580EX II flash..

I dont knw.. how thick my face was at that time...
Just imagine standing beside a professional... with THAT ??!?!?
WHAHAHAHA i htinki was a laughing stalk tat time...
some more taking for my WU day closing ceremony with that...
Oh my..
I wonder how i went through that man,,,,
I still remember taking for Rotary INstallation last year.. with a 20 yrs professional beside me...
But that was old time.. though...
i really went rhough tat man...
and now i got my new 580..
sry la.. i don't have the new pic yet... gotto study.. so no time to take..
further more i prepare my equipment all for camp this saturday ady.. hhaha
and btw...
This was last time la.. if you would like me to take for you...
You can drop me an Email at
and rest assured i wont be using this HAHAH
unless im trying something out la... :P


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