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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok... veerrryyyy looonnnggg ago my mom's car spoild and i grabbed a shot of it.. xD

That was the kancil my mom bought er.. 7 yrs ago or was it 8 ?
 or more ? im not sure though...but all i knw its still in a very good condition except the something in there broke la.. but now its working fine.. haha
and the shot below was taken at an event..

My cammy won't be back till another 3 weeks time... =(
but nevertheless i got tonnes of photos still untouched yet.. haha
And my my..
Can you imagine playing golf for a whole straight 4 days ?
and i still got to wake up early for school ?
im gonna die..
Nite nite


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


First thing I sent my lens, body and flash back to canon for some checks...
WOn't be getting it in 2 weeks..
and guess what
I have Nothing with me !
im only left with the battery Grip, Hood, and batteries..
So.. for the time being.. no photo taking..
and that might actually be Good News !
Coz i can finish all my very-a-lot unfinished work..
Picture processing.. Video.. here and there..
And the ones i just finish is my father's mother's sister's daughter wedding... I wasn't the main nor back up just took it for my collection... Enjoy ~ =)

 It was in Renaissance Malacca

 =) The Tea Ceremony was held in the Hotel

 Hehe :P


 I came over to the side to grab this shot and missed the front shot... :P Worth it ? =)

If i have Ultra Wide Angle or Fish Eye it would be better... hehe 


I listened to the song "When you look me in the eye" when i was processing the photo below,



Tried the off face composition or something like that.. 


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Gah.. was very tired and exhausted yesterday...
Imagine i woke up at 6.15
then went over the groom's house. and then to parit jawa to pick the bride up then back to the grooms's house.. followed by their wedding lunch.. and at night i went to my friend's brother wedding.. some more... and all day long.. i took pics non stop...
gah.. lots of pics to process...
But it was indeed fun !
Why ? Coz the main photographer Jeremy.. who is also the one who invited me to take.. had some great lenses !
the Canon 10-22 and also the Canon 24-70 f2.8
and heavy !!
Try imagining.. Cammy with Battery Grip, flash and the 24-70 f2.8 which is almost 1 kg !
Wow it was very heavy !
Though i knw it cannot compare to the other heavier lens but it is the heaviest i held so far !
and my my .. the pics turn out awesome !
My Ex 580 flashy and the 24-70 and 10-22 is just a perfect fit !
loveley ~~
but you  guys got to wait while i process the photos.. :(
And by the way im sending my camera back for servie this coming tuesday most probably..
my flash connection to the body have some prob.. my focussing also like got osme prob..
haiz.. one year  or nearing one year ady.. all the probs come out..
and i remembered this from a cartoon , "Buy things that has longer warranty coz that is how long it will last ! "
haha i have 3 yrs warranty still though.. hehe
Below are some shots i took with Jeremy the other day he came over to Muar.. took the old building.. haha

 McDonald GCB  ?


Friday, October 22, 2010


Tomorrow im having another wedding shoot..
and guess what i have some probs with mah flash hope there wont be any prob.. hehe..
lent my frineds 50mm 1.8 if anything happens..
will upload pics later k ? here's one i took today

I always wanted to get somekind of thta kind of shot.. heheh.. finally ? i got it ?
got to go.. prepare tomorrow's wedding..


Monday, October 18, 2010

After PMR~~

You knw.. i was on facebook the other day as usual... and when i clicked on photos as i usually do too..
I saw the column Photo Memories.. and guess what i saw my friends album dating in 2009 "after PMR'
So i thought to myself, can i bring my cammy to school and grab some shots ? And the next day my teacher asked me to bring to grab shots of the basketball competition..

From there i took the advantage of shooting some of my friends too..

hehe.. :P

Enjoy ~!

Haha! :P

They say that looked like a wedding shot ? =P

The guy on the right YR RIGHT ! is a beatboxer in Muar though.. if you knw tat.. haha : P


Tik tik wat tok tok wat bla bla  Argh! I just can't get it..
Hmmmmm .. haha

That's all for now..
oh oh oh !

Guess what.. now till the very last day of the school term this year.. every morning there will be football and basketball.. how wonderful is tat eh ?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

W.U Exhibition

These are some of hte photos.. the post for...haha =)


After 3 years of studying the very many chapters we finally finished all of them in just 60 or 40 questions
Can you imagine ?
How many chapters we studied ? and how long the chapters were.. and it the exams it only came out like 1 or 2 questions abt it ?
Ooooooooooooo gosh..
What shall i say ? |ITS FINALLY OVER!!!!

so now i can start to
Watch Movie, play games, take photo's and process the photo's..
Here are the few shots of my prevous wedding shoot.

=) MOre to come soon~

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hmm itchy hands of mine.... 



And btw after my PMR i will be renovating this blog once again.. making it a lil more use friendly by adding on tags... so it be easier for you readers to find the photos you wanan see.. haha



WHoot! Ok fine... PMR is still not over... i still have it on monday. =.=
 but anyway monday is KH and maths.. so relak abit la.. haha
anyway jut a short lilttle update over here..
All subs so far so good .. =)
the other day while i was studying ... i saw this outside of my house and cant resist to take a picture of it... hehe : P

Teehee* Gtg ! =)

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