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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year ~~

 Though i know it is not time yet.. but its like 1 hour plus more la..
I must say that this year 2010 have been a very very interesting year for me in every aspect.. :)
So here i would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.
What have i done in 2010 ? haha i'll blog about it later..
I knw I got 7 A's for PMR ! :D
I believe i improved my drumming and photography skill ? (P/s this is in my opinion though... it may not be alot but i believe i have..:P )
I created a few quotes..
here let me revise them..

The recent one was
"It is not how much you can give, but how much time would you sacrifice ? "
the rest ? hehe forgotten weih.. you can see on the quote's tab on the right and yea yr right..
i knw some i haven added the tag yet though.. hehe
but the weddings one yeap i added dy..
oh yea speaking about wedding i have one to upload..
one set.. or was it 2 ? I knw im gonna upload this church one though.. xD

Then during this christmas we had carolling.. 

Then celebration.. and all la.. hmm wanan go prepare for countdown dy.. on msn and fb.. xD 

Ahh~ OUr YOUTH ! 

So ready for 2011 ?

Happy New Year and God Bless ~!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hmm honestly ? yea kinda lazy to upload the blog these few days though.. or ok.. this month.. was initially kinda busy with Christmas Celebration prep then carolling then now.. kinda lazzing around.. before school tat is gonan start next week.. :(
oh pictures ? i uploaded quite a lot on fb though.. lazy to upload here .. hehe..
oh and 2010 is gonan be over soon.. coming for 2011... hmm
Happy New Year everyone ! Going Malacca in a while ! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Going to church tomorrow for a Wedding shoot
my first church wedding shoot though..
and btw im not hte main la just take to try out and all only.. post it up soon :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Food... Pecking Duck...

Ahh.. the other day i was talking about eating Pecking Duck with my family at the Pavillion in KL right ?

After they cut or slaughtered or... er.. skin it.. they took the skin and wrapped it with egg skin or something that is like Popiah skin but looks like egg? Its the picture down here :D

Then there is the brown rice... . and it was quite delicious... for me la..

 coz i could not eat the prawns nor crab... :( I'm allergic to seafood though.. 

And below here is some kind of herb soup which i dislike the sourish taste.. though i knw its something good ? But my granma and mom loves it i guess ? 

and there you go.. my sister enjoying her time share of prawns and crabs... 
but my mom and granma was good enough to offer me their second share of pecking duck.. =D

Oh! and there was another dish ( which i din't take picture of it :( )
it was the Duck meat cooked with bitter gourd... i guess i've written it in my earlier blog post ? haha

anyway.. that's kind of the end of my  KL trip..
and now that my lens is back.. i can continue going around taking pictures..
but at the moment im preparing for my church Christmas Celebration that is on the 23rd this month
at 7.15 at Gereja Emmanuel Muar
If you wanna come ? SURE!
Join us and if you ahve any quesiton do not hesitate to contact me at
i will reply you as soon as possible..
Anyways.. i've got to go and prepare for my Youth Christmas Celebration Slideshow..
See ya
God Bless
And an early Merry Christmas~!! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Went to KL yesterday to pick up my lens.. YAY! AT LAST!!! and then we sent our sis back to her hostel.. and went around... :) 

We went to Sungei Wang and i grabbed this shot of him and er... hehe nvm.. :P

after that we walked over to Pavillion.. and guess what.. in KL .. you practically see everyone carrying a DSLR.... over in muar people will be like ..WOW..
But in KL.. you have i also have... haha
and below is just one of the sooooomany...
well his hair stands out from the other photographers though.. haha 

We walked around Pavillion.. ( I'll post up the photos of the decor later ! )
and went to a Chinese Restaurant and ate Pecking Duck..

I must say its nice.. and they cooked the duck meat till its very tender.. ..
it was indeed nice... and and.. its kinda cheap though.. for RM 168 without taxes and drinks.. you get a bowl of fried rice+brown rice, Black Pepper Crab, Prawns, Stir-fry Duck Meat with Bitter Gourd that was not bitter ! and also.. the pecking duck where they cut its skin and roll it in an egg
The only thing wast hat.. im allergic to seafood.. :( so i din take the crab and prawns.. :(
but the Pecking Duck and Rice was good enough :D
Oh.. i've got to go for now..
Update later~! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Honestly ?

I'm kinda bored.. my lens is ready.. but its still in KL at my Uncle's house.. gonna take it only on the 14th December.. and that is like 10 days more.. Not taking any pictures now..
i dunno what to write here.. and im rather bored..
not really going for holidays this time round.. :(
Wanna go Pahang.. =D
but i dun think i can..
Or KL ?
Yea. for a short while only..
Just started to read , "Laws of Success" by Napolean Hill.. and guess what its as thick as my Oxford large Dictionary..
Any pictures ? ok.. here are a few... random ones..

:D  :D

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