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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yea !

Holidays are here, and Chinese New Year is approaching with the not-so-good weather.. but well i like the weather cooling.. and nice to sleep.. but i can't go out to practice my golf.. :( so... Rain is good, Nice weather is good.. Anything with a moderate amount is good BUT NOT TOO MUCH !
and i'm wondering how flooded is Muar's Golf Course..  :O
And Streamyx line is EXTREMELY slow for i dunno wat reason.. so..i can't upload photos for now though.. :(
anyway this crossed my mind when i was chatting with my friend earlier..

Everyone is a hypocrite, there's no such thing as 'perfect' in this world. Fair is foul, and foul is fair. We are all buried with tonnes of sin
but because of Jesus who died and rose again we are all saved. How perfect can that love be ? 

                        :) Happy CNY ~ !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Chronicles of Edmund the Great ?

Haha.. that tittle on top.. came into my mind just the other day..
Storeis and me ? haha teh great ? lol ? are you kidding me ? haha just a wishful thinking of mine.. no offence though.. :P
well this tittle on top there or lets just say this nickname ? was created when i finished my very first poem..
well it was english lesson the other day and we had to do oral.. and my teacher asked us to write our own poems to use it as our oral script...
The theme was suppose to be a Teenager's poem..
and so.. i thought and sat down .. and listened to some music... and piece this up with a lil help from 2 friends.. one to help me put in more 'flower' to the poem and another one the flow~..
well basically the first part of the poem i kind of wrote it last year during my PMR... haha.
hah so here it is..

       I thought, " Isolated ".

It was heart-wrenching, upon knowing that I was alone
With no support nor trust
The sound of silence was heard~
And defeaning!
In the depth of misery
Ablaze colours and long shadows
were casted around  the aged old house
It seemed thousands of years
To hear the screeching sound of the old rusty hinge
Silence broke through again
And a wretched cry of tormented anguish escaped from my chest.
With my heart felt like it was caving in to break apart,
As my sorrow was too much to bear
I had no choice
But to held the very large frame in my arms seeking comfort.
Tears crept into my eyes and broke the tranquillity that was tormenting from within
Millions of visions rushed in like adrenaline as though I went back in time
And as I gazed through the timeline..
A vision caught me and asked, “ What If” ?

Time Flies with no direction
Where am i ?
Who am I ?
What am i doing ?
And a sudden blinding light passed through
 Forcing me out of comfort zone
Then  I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again.

Well the meaning and all ? That's for you readers to comprehend.. and yes i did tat poem .. with just a lil help.. :P well my teacher said that din't sound like a Teenagers Poem.. and i told her.. It is a Teenagers Poem of looking into the future of what might happen... 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tired... ~.~

Ok..  i know i did not update for a rather looong time.. Well as a matter of fact.. i'm very very tired..
My first year in form 4.. and i'm taking 11 subjects..
and everyday im coming back at .. 2 + sometimes 3 then followed by golf practice.. and only one day with tuition.. thus, im really tired.. though i knw there are others who are worst off than me.., they have tuitions every nite..
but still.. for me.. i'm already very tired.. din really touch the camera though..
and i got to prepare for my golf for MSSJ there's no MSSD this year though..
then there's homework..
and all.. gahh... i'll update when i have the time k ?
Now another picture of Emmanuel Youth Ministry tat i took..

Tat was on Christmas dinner 2010..
wat would 2011 be like ? 

Monday, January 10, 2011


Went to a barbeque party just the other day..
Met up with Ching Weng and his friends and well some of my seniors too..

and yes we had BBQ... 
and cleebrated Conan's birthday


Ok.. i knw its kinda lame..  but.. honestly.. i dunno what to write already.. am going for golf later to practice..
school is killing me... im coming back at around 2 something to 3 everyday..
Form 4 ? well the gap between form 3 and 4 is TOO FAR seriously...
anyway got to go for now.. i'll post the vid once i actually mange to finish it.. :P

See ya ! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Ahh... School.. started.. i'll write more abt that later... just came back from a party at Ching Weng's house.. will post up the vid i shoot earlier... well after i compile it..
its not easy though...
i think 5DMk2 is far better compared to 500D .. obviously.. hehe
but nevertheless i had hte idea there and tried.. though i knw i kinda failed.. :(
nyway.. here are some carolling pics.. i knw its kinda overdue.. but... haha i was too busy these few days to go for a shoot.. im form 4.. and i've got to train hard for my golf as my competition is coming...
so.. no time though.. >< 

I knw the toning and colour for the pic up there is still not right.. i just can't get it.. :(
and im quite frustrated about it though..
But the one below reminds me of the camera.. tat developes there adn tehn.. well maybe still not tat obvious ? 

Christmas... hmm... how wonderful it is.. it was and it will i believe...

Nitess.. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wedding of Lee Kuan Meng and Koh Esther

Hmm i actually attempted quite a number of black and white shots though.. and i mean in post processing larh.. but later i realise it could not really stand out so i did a lil split toning..

Nope the blur is real.. :)

Well i wanted to process more but was kinda lazy.. hehe.. 
Had Christmas ones and all to post up though..
and Oh tomorrow school is gonna start.. :(

Will it still be as happy as that ?

Happy Schooling ~~

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