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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny isn't it ?

Have you sat down and asked yourself, "Hey why is the grass green ? "
No its not a science question !
Think about it, from young you knew and was taught that the grass is green.. but what if
from young you were taught that the grass is blue ?
What is 1+1 ?
2 ?
Nope its addition,
What is the meaning of respect and how do you define it ?
Yes the dictionary explains it but is it all ?
Some people view respect as to calling a person with its first name but some putting in front Mr. or Uncle etc.
SO how do you define it  ?
Someone said
respect to some one is when you love or fear that some one.
and another friend that i know said,
respect a person if you think that person is doing the right thing.
But the question is
What kind of respect do you show to the person you love or fear ?
How do you show it ?
So does it mean that if a person elderly than you is doing something wrong thus you show no respect at all ?
And what about discipline ?
Well frankly i am a strict prefect in my school
and often i question myself about discipline..
why must there be discipline ?
Why must we follow ?
In short, it is jut something accepted by the norm.
Then it struck my mind
Certain people have to follow rules certain people don't need to.
Is it not wrong that the other certain people should be the ones being the role model so that the other certain people will follow ?
Hmm then i thought that is a moral statement.
You are giving a moral statement to a black and white statement what much can you do ?
It is already written for a certain people so how can the other certain people be governed by it ?
It isn't fair isn't it ?
Funny eh ?
I remember my dad used to tell me whenever i said that a certain thing is not fair.
"I was like you last time asking why is it not fair.. untill one day my superior told me this and till this very day i remember, Not everything is fair in this world ! Why are you born in a well to do family and other people are not ? "
Well only then when i started literature i learnt this phrase

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair"

Think about it.
and normally these questions will finally lead to one thing
If the whole world was fair, if the whole world was good won't it be a little too perfect ?

I said last time that imperfect happenings mold a perfect ending.
but where is the end ?  So why not face up to reality now ?

Mahatma Ghandi said, " An eye for an eye wouldn't the whole world go blind ? "
and i thought, "If all could see won't it be more chaotic ? Why not both ?"
Why ?

Because, "Imperfection is perfect as it is." -Edmund Foo-

*This is a general statement and it is meant for everyone to think about it. There is no specific people that i am trying to aim too. It is all just for the readers to think and i am just voicing out my opinion.

P/S: DO leave yr comments if you have anything to comment on :) I would be glad to see yr opinion too. Perhaps one of you readers could open my mind to think wider :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Its been busy weeks after weeks.
I come home from school everyday at around 2 something and rush to the golf club to practice my golf..
 My MSSJ is approaching.. 
Busy in form 4 life is all that i can say ? 
But as they say... or wat i used to say..
Enjoy what you are busy with. :)

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