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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Stand at the back..

Look properly...


Now go to the ball...

Check your stance...

Practice Swing........

Move nearer to the ball.......

look at the pin...........


go up...

swing through the ball.............


eh how come my club feels so light ?

Ok fine i din't take the picture there and then..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So.. yea.. Asahan...
We went there with some kids also la as a matter of fact.. so while waiting for the kids..
i took the opportunity to hike ? track ? climb ? ok la.. just a few steps up the Gunung ? 

and yea.. we went in and we weren't the only ones.. there were lots of people ! picnicking and playing there.. 

and er.. there were chickens !
Mountain Chickens ? lol 

We were kinda at the bottom and did not go up higher.. so basically the water was not really clean.. ><
and there were lots of mosquito's as usual..
and er.. i've got nothing much to talk about it.
but i did find a few interesting stuffs like these.. 

and i've got no idea what's that for.. @.@
and below here is one of hte tr ee's that i took.. =.= ok i knw im being extremely lame now..

but i don;t knw what to write about ! :O

It just let me to wonder when i entered

and i saw this..

MSN ? @.@
oh oh and below is the waterpark !! 
yea its shallow.. and small ideal for kids right ? :D

oh oh and and and ... they have that bucket of water thingy exactly like the one in Bukit Gambang Waterpark the last time i went.. :D

Tada!! (im referring to the thing above -.-)
anyway... yea that's part of Asahan and the waterpark ? 
oh by the way... over at this Waterpark here.. we are in between the meeting point of three states.
Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and also Johor.

Enjoy your soon going to be over school holidays students ! :)

Tortoise ?

I went to Asahan the other day, i took pictures , i wanna blog, its my holidays, and guess what..
THe inernet line seems very slow especially facebook..
and i don't knw y.. =.='

I actually followed my mom and her kindergarten's principal to Asahan to take a look at the waterpark for their school's trip. THe reason i wanted to go was well grab a few shots from Asahan ? coz i've heard quite a bit about it. I din't take much though... just a few shots.. The picture on top is the main entrance to the Waterpark.. yea i knw its small.. and indeed it is but its ideal for kids! Coz its like.. no matter where you sit in the waterpark you can actually see what you kids are doing. I'll post up the water park picture later.. as my line is kinda slow ?  and if you notice at the back of the top picture that's Gunung Ledang. This is actually the other side of hiking Gunung Ledang la.. 

This shot above was taken from inside the Saujana Asahan. Its a big lake just after the fence and there's actually a damn nearby though.. The scenery there was great ! and there was a malay couple having their Wedding Potrait taken.. i did not take a shot of them though coz i was practically taking this picture from inside a moving van.. 

And this picture ? oh pls dun ask me what hill is that. Im not sure either.. grabbed this shot on the way home back to muar.
Quite a nice scenic place i suppose ? 

Anyway's will post more later.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I've came back from MSSJ..
nah din win anything though but i tried my best.. :)

Today's my granma's birthday~

And the quote in the next picture..

Hmmm think about it eh ? 

Got to to mah homework after missing school for 6 days ! :O

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