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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hollliiddaayyss~ ~

Oh faithful me staring at the TV and changing channels at 11 P.M. on the 30th August waiting and waiting for some kind of programme on the Television on National Day or should i say i was waiting for something like a countdown.. Clock strike 12 and . . . . . .
No countdown for national day ? @@
oh well *walks to the room*

The next morning, my sister who noticed that i stayed up all night just to wait for the Countdown, told me, "erm i guess you din't hear about the Malaysia Day on the 16th of September eh ? "


ok ok.. currently i'm holding an 'L' license for my about 30 years old motorbike and I'm riding around town~ ~ ~
oh guess what i forgot that everytime you stop and you want to turn or start your journey again you have to change it back to the first gear in order to move.
Now i know why it feels no different from riding a bicycle. =.=

Nevermind nevermind,

at least i ate Baskin Robin's yesterday :D

Bought 1 pint and the dry ice looked more interesting to play with :D


And later at night i made steak :D
Beef Steak :D
Rub it with oil then well steak it ? or erm grill it ? only its not on a grill pan perhaps :P 

 Then walah! :D


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