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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's not easy to find free time to blog these days, final year exams just finished, well not really one more paper after this 1 week of Deepavali holidays~
Even during this whole week of holiday im already packed with so many things...
 It was Deepavali yesterday and for the first time in my life i went and visit 3 different Indian friends of mine.
Surprisingly, even for Chinese New Year i rarely go visiting except for my cousins perhaps i might have more houses to visit this coming Chinese New Year.

Have i ever talked about my Uncle from Australia that came over to our house and stayed for a few days ?
Not much that i want to talk about but just this,

  Its called Jerusalem Artichoke and once it blooms... 

There would be many of them and after a while it fades~ 

oh and and the other day i went for a wedding~ 

Second church wedding that i took though i was not the official photographer but it was first of its kind that is in a Catholic Church, real different from my previous one and the church that i go to.

And that sums up my photos for this time, took for a kindergarten the other day, in the midst of processing now~ :) Happy Deepavali :D 

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