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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Detailed Beauty

Its a beautiful life out there. In each being.

I recently or say quite a while back started to use Photoshop CS6 and Camera RAW 7.0. It is indeed awesome to use!
More controls on the exposure with the new sliders for 'Black' and 'White' really helped me. Besides its my first time using, so 'Clarity' is quite nice to use to bring up the details. I tried playing around with the photograph I took before sitting for SPM in school.

Here it is: 

I like that effect though. Then soon came the Christmas season. We were glad to have the special team of youths from Singapore Riverlife Church to join us for our Youth's Christmas Celebration. Other than Christmas celebration it self we went to an old folk's home. Singing Carols and witnessing to them was great.
One very beautiful thing that captivated my senses was that of a teenage girl and an old lady.   
How beautiful it was to see them chatting by and having fun. The kind of loneliness in their eyes was transformed into joy the moment a young person walks up and have a good chat with them. The longing and filling up of a kind of loneliness I suppose? 

Yet things changed just like that the moment it was said that we had to leave.

Fast forward a little, I did with some of my friends took the chance to re-visit them for a short while during Chinese New Year though. 
Though not much time spent but the sight of someone coming to visit them is but full of joy to them.

Am going to KL for a few days. 

And below a shot I took during a Birthday cum Chinese New Year makan at my friend's place.

The warmth and peace in the arms of an elder brother.


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